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​Scotland: BDA to feed into post-COVID NHS funding model

17 September 2020


The Scottish Dental Practice Committee (SDPC) has established its own New Funding Model Working Group to consider options for a suitable post-COVID-19 NHS funding model.


The CDO, Tom Ferris, has acknowledged that the current Statement of Remuneration (SDR) is no longer fit for purpose, an issue which has become even more evident during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Consequently, Mr Ferris has informed the SDPC that he will be taking advice from the profession in developing a new long-term funding model for NHS dentistry and the SDPC will be involved in discussions with other key stakeholders about the financial and regulatory changes.


The New Funding Model Working Group will meet for the first time in mid-October. The CDO has indicated that the overall process will be a long-term initiative requiring a national consultation in spring 2021, and thereafter legislative changes.