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​Scotland: Concerns about remobilisation

14 October 2020


We’re concerned about the way in which remobilisation of NHS dental services are taking place in Scotland, and we’ve made our views clear to government.


This week it was announced that dentists can provide a full range of NHS dental treatments from 1 November. We do not want to encourage a “two-tier” dental system, but the fact is that dentists, in the interests of patient safety, will still only be able to treat only a fraction of the number of patients compared to pre-COVID levels.


It is simply not appropriate to reintroduce the previous funding model in full at a time when the virus transmission rate is increasing and further restrictions have been applied to other sectors.


We have written to the Scottish Government to express our disappointment that many dentists found out about Monday’s announcement via the media or from patients. We’ve again urged the Scottish Government to improve its communication with dentists. We’ve also reiterated our concerns that expanding the range of treatments will increase patient demand and lead to even higher levels of stress among the profession than at present.


It is essential that the government provides regular and timely information and clearly explains major decisions that affect dental teams.


The Scottish Government is due to publish further details soon, and we will comment further when we receive this information.