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​Wales: Funding questions for the CDO

16 July 2020


We are pushing for the Welsh Government to provide more funding for AGPs and to match the abatement figure announced in England this week.


We have always been clear that 100% of their NHS contract value is needed to enable the GDS to provide AGPs at a time when many are already operating at a loss. The Welsh Government have said that practices not able to offer AGPs will get 80% of their NHS contract value from mid-August. Those offering AGPs to their own patients will get 90%. Practices acting as a UDC and taking referrals will get up to 100% depending on activity. We are pushing for this to be expanded. We welcome the Welsh Government provision of PPE during the amber phase, but this won't help financial sustainability.


We are also raising concerns over the differences between the abatements in England and Wales. Abatement in England was recently announced at 16.75% making the ACV of 83.25% for April to 8 June when there was no face to face care. This has left dentists in Wales feeling undervalued, as during this time we were at 80% ACV and having to be open to see patients, with many colleagues also working extended hours to provide further emergency cover. This seems very unfair.


We know that the England agreement only takes them to September, whereas in Wales our recovery year will last up to the end of March 2021. This is very welcome news. However, we know you have worked hard throughout this time and so we will be making a strong case for your work to be properly valued.


We’re also seeking clarity on whether lab fees sit within the abatement figure. We’re hoping for clear answers from the Chief Dental Officer on these and related issues. We continue to campaign on behalf of your practice.


Answers to other questions on changes to NHS contracts. As we receive answers to our queries, we will keep you updated.