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Indemnity cover

We’ve been by your side since 1880 and continue to support you with every step of your professional journey. A no-obligations quote takes just a few minutes.


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What makes our cover special?

The policy is occurrence-based so when an incident occurs under the policy, you're covered forever. Plus, it's contractual - not discretionary like mutual defence organisations'. With our contractual cover, we state what is covered and what isn't, right from the start, so there's no uncertainty.


Our indemnity cover explained


Should I have occurrence-based or claims-made cover?


What's the difference between contractual and discretionary cover?


Members trust the BDA

We chose RSA Insurance Ltd to underwrite the policy and it's brokered by long-standing partners Lloyd & Whyte. RSA is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority which means they are required to adhere to stringent regulation.


With a claims limit of £10 million per policy year or aggregate of claims to that limit which resets each policy year, it's more than sufficient to cover dental claims.


There are no limits to professional support. We don't penalise you if you call us for advice. There are no voluntary or compulsory excess payments to be made on any claims.


Dentist-to-dentist support 24/7

You deserve support from experienced dentists with legal knowledge; in times of pressure, we’re here to help.


Our dento-legal experts have a vast amount of experience to assist you with 24/7 cover. They work with our other 27 advisors providing members with support and guidance across dentistry.


Flexible cover

Your cover needs to be just as flexible as the way you work, where you work, and what you do; you won't be paying more to subsidise the risks of others. Special prices are available for part-time working and those within five years of qualification.


Other features:


  • Only for UK dentists
  • Unique blend of financially secure insurer with member-focused dentist-to-dentist advice
  • Price certainty - it’s all included. There’s no need for run-off,  no prospect of a ‘second call’ (ask your indemnifier what this means). Clear and fair terms mean that cover is reliable and predictable.

Find out more about the different types of cover available to dentists. 

This policy is arranged by the British Dental Association and underwritten by RSA Insurance Ltd. The British Dental Association is an appointed representative of Lloyd & Whyte Ltd. Lloyd & Whyte Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA does not regulate the advice you receive with regards to advisory, case management and indemnity support provided by the BDA.


If you have any questions about the cover, please call 020 7535 5858. Please note that calls will be recorded for regulatory compliance, training and monitoring purposes.